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Children's Poetry

We have featured below the most famous Love - poetry for children by the most celebrated Poets covering both Classic and Modern poetry for children ensuring that your search for the online poetry for children of your choice will be successful. Click any link to go to the section dedicated to your chosen childrens poetry.

A Song from the Suds - Funny poetry for children by Louisa childrens May Alcott
A Toast to our Native Land - Patriotic poetry for children by Robert Bridges
American Flag a patriotic - Poem for children Joseph Rodman Drake

Battle Hymn of the Republic a children's patriotic poem Julia Ward Howe
Beautiful Soup - Funny children's poetry by Lewis Carroll

Daddy Fell into the Pond - Funny poetry for children Alfred Noyes

Fifteen men on the Dead Man's Chest - Funny children's poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson

God Save the Flag a patriotic childrens poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Gunga Din a patriotic - Poetry for children by Rudyard Kipling

How pleasant to know Mr. Lear - Funny poetry for children Edward Lear
How doth the little crocodile...- Funny children's poem by Lewis Carroll

Gus - The Theatre Cat a funny - Poetry for children by T S Eliot

Jabberwocky - Poetry for children by Lewis Carroll
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair - Funny children's poem by Stephen Foster
Jerusalem - Patriotic lyrics for children by William Blake

Macavity - The Mystery Cat - Funny poem for children T S Eliot

Oh Susana! A funny poem for children by Stephen Foster
Our Little Ghost - Funny children's poetry by Louisa May Alcott

'Song of the Shirt' - Funny poetry for children Thomas Hood
Star Spangled Banner - Patriotic poem for children by Francis Scott Key
Stellas Birthday - Funny children's poem by Jonathan Swift
Sweeney among the Nightingales - Funny poetry for children T S Eliot

The American Flag a patriotic childrens poem by Joseph Rodman Drake
The Jumblies a funny Poem for children by Edward Lear
The Old Gumbie Cat - Funny children's rhyme by T S Eliot
The Rock and the Bubble a funny - Poetry for children by Louisa May Alcott
The Song of Quoodle - Funny children's poetry by G.K.Chesterton
The Spider and the Fly - Funny poem for children Mary Howitt
The Walrus and the Carpenter - Poetry for children by Lewis Carroll

To a Louse - Funny children's poem by Robert Burns

To a Mouse - Funny poem for children Robert Burns

   Children's Poetry

There are so many wonderful poems to choose from it is difficult to know where to make a start! We have therefore devised a Top 20 List of our favourite poems. It was an extremely difficult task and obviously our choice, in the end, was based on personal preferences! We hope that the list will provide our readers with as much pleasure that these famous verses have given to us. A good knowledge of these famous verses will provide all students and children with a good grounding of the subject. Each poet has a different style of writing making expert use of the English language. We have been asked on many occasions which is our favourite poem. Impossible! Writing styles, subject matter and even childhood memories influence choices, so we gave up and endeavoured to, at least, compile a list of our top twenty famous and favourite poems! The first line of the famous verse has been included to jog the memory! Please refer to the Index for the Top 20 list!

The Children's Poems listed on this page details the full titles of the Children's Rhymes and their poets. Clicking on your chosen Children's Poems will enable access to the lyrics / words of the verses for children. The list is clearly not exhaustive but it is believed that a good cross section of popular Children's Poems and their poets have been included. Rhymes for children is one of the most popular types of poetry, providing great pleasure to many people. Poetry with the powerful theme of love often touches the emotions of the readers, and people are able to personally relate to many of the words and lyrics of such poems. 'Poetry-Online' is solely for educational purposes and any reproduction of the poems for children contained on this web site is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.". Please refer to our Copyright page and our Privacy Statement regarding Terms of Use. Choose Poetry online for the greatest poems by the most famous poets. Choose Poetry online for the greatest poems by the most famous poets. Common mis-spellings are peotry - poetrey - poety - poettry - fameous potry and peotry. Please refer to our Famous Online Poetry Copyright page and Privacy Statement regarding Terms of Use.

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